Monday, August 06, 2007

Time Flies....

It's the second week of August already. The lazy, hazy, humid days of summer are upon us. All to soon it will be time for the school buses to be back on the road, the neighborhood kids waiting at the bus stop in that early morning fog that happens the end of summer and the very early fall. Time certainly does fly doesn't it and it seems to go faster and faster with each year that passes. I never believed my Mother when she said to me "just wait until you are older you will see" now I see.

How fast things go, it reminds me of the Robins that took residence in my hanging fuschia baskets on my porch this year. At first I was a bit disheartened because I was in the middle of painting my porch, a project that has been muddling around in my head for awhile. I thought that my project was ruined and I wouldn't be able to get to it for quite some time. Little did I know that it was almost exactly 2 weeks to the day from the time the eggs hatched until the babies flew the nest. I was excited every day to take a peek in the nest and see how they were coming along. Of course once their eyes were open they were totally off limits or we would risk the chance of scaring them into jumping from the nest before they were ready.

It was just a reminder that time does go quickly and in a blink of an eye a baby bird can hatch and then fly away, so can the things I want to accomplish if I don't be careful.

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