Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yup! That's right not one but TWO entries from me today! *gasp* This entry should have happened yesterday but I just didn't have enough time in the day to get the photos off my camera.

12 of 12, the brain child of Chad Darnell, is one of my favorite things in the World to do. If you pop on over to his site you can see 12 of 12's from all over the World. All you do is take 12 pictures on the 12th day of each month.....easy peasy! :) I'm such a voyeur, I love peeking into the lives of others. ;)

This month wasn't the greatest as far as creativity but still fun.

These boots are made for walking

My new "office"


"Irving Cliff" in my town, the highest point in the town

Where the Wild Things Are

Some members of the Executive Board of the Arts Alliance


The home fires' burning


Winston at his regular place between my feet

Olivia asking to come up

Marly watching Daddy

Daddy and Mommy

The bonus work for this month was "Grateful". You can take a literal or interpretive picture using that word. Mine is a picture of my daily affirmation from my Gratitude calendar.

Thanks for stopping by and peeking into my life. ;)

Getting caught up.......

I just can't believe where the time flies to! It's been a whole WEEK since I last posted and just about that long since I was able to visit everyone. I really have to sit down and get a "plan of action" so I make sure that I am fitting in the things I love to do into my day. To me, not visiting or posting in a week is not a pattern I want to continue. I love all the friendships I have made here in blogland and it truly is sad for me not to be able to keep up. I do not want to become one of those people where work runs their life. Perhaps I need to manage my time better?

I know there are plenty of women out here that manage to have a nice balance between work, family and personal time. I'd love to hear how some of you manage this juggling act. ;)

I was given an award by my lovely friend Penny at Lavender Hill Studios; The "Friendly Site Award". Thank you so much Penny, it made my heart smile today to know I'm even still in the running for an award! I would like to pass this on to SO many people because I think just about every blog I have visited and commented on have been so kind and open their arms in a friendly hug. Usually everyone I pick gets the award by 3 or 4 other people too, so I would like to pass this award on to JEN R. at Sanctuary Arts at Home. She is so talented and has been so great to me at giving me tips on getting a faux finish business going. She's also having a give-away right now so RUN over to her blog and say HI!

I also received a email from Jennifer over at Pear Street Studios that I WON one of her wonderful giveaways....great invitations!! :) THANKS JENNIFER!! I hardly ever win anything! If you haven't checked out her giveaways yet GET OVER THERE and do so! You can't win if you don't play! *where have I heard that before?* ;)

I also wanted to mention a my BEAUTIFUL THINGS award, this one goes to "OPPULENT ODDITIES" Jordan makes the most AMAZING pieces with antique and vintage "found" objects, they are some of the most original concepts I've seen. What I love is that she puts a story with some of her pieces. Here's an example:

"He went to study abroad, but why did he leave me here? I would have loved to gone with him and kiss him under the Arc de Triumphe and on top of the Eifel Tower, but instead I’m stuck here, alone, in the dirty urban American streets. I keep his photo close to my heart until he returns here to me."
Isn't that sooooo romantic? Her pieces speak to and inspire me.

I have also been visited by a new blogger (to me); JAMIE over at Simply Me Arts when I saw her lovely pieces they evoked the same feeling as Jordan's. Look at this piece
If you are looking for a special Christmas gift, keep these talented ladies in mind.

Thanks everyone for continuing to stop by and say HI to me even when I can't be here or there everyday! :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Community Bridge

A couple of years ago I went to "The Faux School" in Frederick, MD. to work on some of my faux techniques. I was there for a week and learned a lot and came home with a bunch of sample boards to put into my portfolio.

One of the most exciting part of the class was a trip to the "Community Bridge" it was painted by Trompe L'oeil artist William Cochran who also is a instructor at the school. It was so amazing to see the work and actually the talent so incredible it was hard to distinguish that these were actually murals.

I was reminded of my trip by Jen over at Sanctuary Arts at Home, she wrote about the bridge a couple of days ago and I promised her I would post some photos of my trip. Thanks for the reminder Jen.

I think the pictures will speak for themselves *click on picture to enlarge*

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Birthday Wishes and Thank You's

Today is a reflective day for me; today my son Anthony turned 23. It's hard to believe that 23 years goes by in a flash. It certainly has went by too fast and sometimes I just wish I could turn back the clock and make him 3 years old again. Seems like yesterday I was picking up the Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's cake for his party, or that he ran to me when he needed a boo-boo kissed.

I am so proud of the man he has become, he's a person that I would want to be friends with even if he wasn't my son. He's now serving this country, a very difficult decision for him to make; leaving behind a good job, a girlfriend, friends and the comforts of home but I never have to worry about him because I taught him to be independent and resourceful. He is excelling in his studies and surpassing set standards.

I am proud of my son, my friend: Anthony. Happy birthday Ant, I love you!

I have a couple of THANK YOU'S to give today as well. Thank you to Cindy and all the wonderful people over at Rosehaven Cottage. I received a email awarding me with the "Rose Medallion" for excellence award (click to read more). Thank you so much and I am really honored, especially to be named with other blogs that I admire so much. Also Thank you to Michelle over at Back Through Time. I received the sweetest Halloween card from her and inside was a little Fleur De Lis charm, thank you so much Michelle I really needed that pick-me-up.