Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I made myself find a few minutes to post and let you all know that our new little addition to the family: ETHAN KADE has arrived!!!

Ethan actually arrived on April 7 at 1:36 in the morning. He was born at 28 weeks and weighed 3lbs 0.7ozs. Fortunately he is in the NICU at a wonderful hospital: Moses Taylor. He is progressing nicely and as of today he weighed in at 4lbs 2.5ozs and was 14.5 inches long.

I am sure many of you can imagine the surprise, shock, fear (just to name a few emotions) that comes with delivering prematurely. We are truly blessed that Ethan decided to come when he did because upon his arrival the Doctor showed us that his umbilical cord was tied in a complete knot, which means had Ethan gone full term, things would have not been good and he probably would have been stillborn. He is a strong little guy and is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

As for me, I can't complain. Physically it was not difficult to deliver a small baby.....emotionally that is a different story. My days are spent trying to get the house in order and traveling back and forth to the hospital, I barely have time to get a shower in. Soon I will be staying at the local Ronald McDonald house to be able to be there to breastfeed several times a day.

Thank you everyone that has stopped in to say hi. I truly appreciate it even though I have not had a bit of time to email or post here. Please know I do read comments and think of my blogging friends often.
Here are some pics of our little miracle......