Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Still plugging away on my pieces, I'm soldering now and finding it difficult to get a long enough period of time to get enough done. I would love some time management tips from any other bloggers out there that also happen to be SAHM's and WAHM's.

Also wanted to share some pictures. Princess Olivia has had a very difficult time accepting the baby, in the beginning she completely ignored us, turning her back to us when we would try to bring the baby to her. She moved on to pooping and peeing anywhere she could. Ever so slowly she has been coming around, I sometimes catch her actually looking at the baby until she realizes I am watching her then she become indignant again. Last night there was a truce. We put Ethan on the floor and stood back; Olivia carefully plodded over and stood over the baby, then she sat next to him. If she looked up at us we quickly turned away as if to say "no big deal". Lots of sniffing incurred and *gasp* dare we say an actual lick!!! YAYYYY!!! Ethan was very gentle and did a great job of petting for the first time.

We are praying that the "Olivia Standoff of '08" is over.