Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am working on getting together some pieces for a show in December, it's a juried show, my first so I am excited. It's sponsored by our arts alliance; Wayne County Arts Alliance I started this summer working on Holiday things. Trying to find a few spare minutes has been tricky, it's been awhile since I've juggled motherhood with everything else.

I love the Downward Dog series, I just need to find or take some more pictures of downward dogs!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 OF 12

It's that time of month again! 12 of 12, the wonderful fun created by Chad Darnell. I've been on a hiatus from posting my 12's here and I thought it was time I get back to the fun.

It was a beautiful Fall day here in NE PA. These are the views from my back deck

I needed to work my bees today, I had to place some styrofoam insulation in the top cover, this will help keep the girls warm over the Winter.

My materials for the smoker, I found that Shumac buds and pine needles work the best

The smoker in action
My girls, well there are some guys (Drones) in there. Can you spot them? They are the big ones, pretty soon the females (workers) will be kicking the males out for the Winter

Last week I put a protein patty on both hives, giving the hive a little bit more nutrition before the cold sets in, Winter is long around here. Looks like they are eating it, this is the weaker hive by the way.

My little pumpkin today, he was looking very Halloweeny.

I got to work in my garden today, it's been quite neglected since the arrival of our pumpkin. This is what it looked like "before"

I found this little guy wandering in my path. What's the wive's tale about the Wooly Bear??

Here's the "After" of the garden, at least you can see the paths now

Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out my 12's!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and all that other stuff.....

I can't believe my 40Th Birthday is here! Isn't is amazing own fast a year goes by? If you had asked me exactly a year ago today if I was going to be a new Mom at 40, I probably would have laughed!

So to update everyone, because yes I am wayyyy overdue in the updating department, Ethan is doing great! As a matter-of-fact as of his pediatrician appointment on Monday he is now a whopping 15lbs 5.5ozs! HOLY MOLY! Long way from 3lbs! He will be turning 6 months old on the 7Th, SIX MONTHS OLD! He started on solid foods last week and is loving it, especially sweet potatoes. He has gotten a clean bill of health from all his specialists, he is officially a normal baby, no issues. *Yayyyy!*

I have also started a new direction in my life and career, upon attempting to return to work my employer informed me I no longer had a job with them, all because I had a premature baby and was not able to return as quickly as a full term pregnancy. So much for "take as much time as you need". I'm sure I'm not the first woman that has had to deal with the same issues. I'm not taking it hard though, I think it's the Universe's nudge to me to follow my passion and do what I really want to be doing; my art and my painting.

So watch out! I'm 40, a new mom and on a mission to be able to do the things that make me.....well me!