Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wednesday March 30, 2005

Well, I guess I was successful in posting my pictures AND putting up my google ads! WOW! Maybe I'm not so bad at this afterall!!

I'm hoping some other altered artists will give me some feedback on my work.

I just bought some great kids' board books to start an altered book project, I just find myself stalling on getting going with them. I always have this scared feeling in the beginning, almost like writers block. Once I get going I am fine, it's just getting started. I wonder if anyone else goes through this?

Speaking of Altered Books our next artisit MEETUP is coming up. The group is very small (only 3 of us) but I have confidence that it will start growing. So if you are in NE PA and would like to come~ Check it out!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

vintage pearl

PEARL Posted by Hello


This piece was inspired by a friend who is pregnant we call her "Sea-Shell" and her little passenger is "Pearl". The photo is from a early 1900's cabinet card, I've used some mulberry paper and some vintage lace at the bottom and of course little "pearls". I just love how beautiful this baby is.

DOWNWARD DOG Posted by Hello

FLOWER FAIRY Posted by Hello


Tuesday March 29, 2005

I'll be so happy when I figure this blogging thing out!! Last night I tried for an hour to post some pictures but my computer at home just was NOT cooperating! The "Picasa" site kept booting me off and then automatically reconnecting me! It was quite frustrating!

I'll try to post some pics from here at work. The next ones are "Fashion Fairy"; using 1920's photo, material, lace, buttons and words from vinatge books, she is between two pieces of glass and secures with metal tape that I have not yet soldered. "Flower Fairy" I used a photo from a early 1900 cabinet card and other "found" objects and ephemera pieces I purchased. "Downward Dog" is my tribute to Yoga, the dog picture was a B&W I took and again using "found" objects including vintage buttons and paintable wallpaper.

Thanks for the comments and I hope to get some more feedback on the pieces

Monday, March 28, 2005

DANCE FAIRY back Posted by Hello

Dance fairy piece front Posted by Hello

BAD BOY piece Posted by Hello

Okay I am going to attempt a post of a piece of my art

This one is one of my favorites, it is titled "Bad Boy". The picture is from a 1920's photo album, the backing from a 1900 cabinet card along with other "found" objects and lettering from Vintage books.

Another attempt

to get my posts posted! I decided to concentrate this blog on my artistic endevors and adventures. I am so into collage art and altered books right now, I am hoping that this blog will chronicle my journies and discoveries.

I have already done several pieces but I am petrified of putting them "out there" to be critiqued! I wonder if other artists have the same problem? "Will people like them?" My dream is to make money doing what I love. If I could just get off my ASS and get some cojones and JUST DO IT (sorry NIKE)

I so hope I do not run into problems with this blog and am able to see my posts!