Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday March 29, 2005

I'll be so happy when I figure this blogging thing out!! Last night I tried for an hour to post some pictures but my computer at home just was NOT cooperating! The "Picasa" site kept booting me off and then automatically reconnecting me! It was quite frustrating!

I'll try to post some pics from here at work. The next ones are "Fashion Fairy"; using 1920's photo, material, lace, buttons and words from vinatge books, she is between two pieces of glass and secures with metal tape that I have not yet soldered. "Flower Fairy" I used a photo from a early 1900 cabinet card and other "found" objects and ephemera pieces I purchased. "Downward Dog" is my tribute to Yoga, the dog picture was a B&W I took and again using "found" objects including vintage buttons and paintable wallpaper.

Thanks for the comments and I hope to get some more feedback on the pieces

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