Sunday, April 10, 2005


I sold my first piece!! "Fashion Fairy" has been sold! I am excited yet at the same time a little sad to let her go. Does anyone else have trouble parting with art they have worked on?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank you

To those artists from Yahoo's Altered Book Group who took the time to look at my work and give me some feedback. I appreciate it very much.

Lately I haven't had much time at all to work on anything! My new husband (we were married in Jan) was shipped out to serve his Country a few days after we were married so I am at home, with four dogs and a old farmhouse (that always needs work) and I am beginning my beekeeping journey SO my art has been on the back burner lately!

Just NOT enough time in the day!! I can't even IMAGINE if I had young children HOW I would do it!! My son is almost 21, so he is out on his own and starting his life! *sniff*sniff* I am so proud of him though, he and his band were signed to a record company so his life is filled with work and music (or visa versa).

Thanks for reading

Sunday, April 03, 2005


I finally did it! I put a piece of my work up for auction on EBAY just to feel it out and see if I get anyone interested. I decided to put the "FASHION FAIRY" up for auction. We'll see how it goes. I think I have to work on the title and the finesse of posting on EBAY itself. Any suggestions are welcome. This week is our "Altered Books" artists meeting. I look forward to getting inspired when I talk to other artists! I think I am going to start working on some ATC (Artists' Trading Cards) they are small and I have seen some BEAUTIFUL ones on EBAY.

Having a bit of a "creative block", just hard to get started. I never know where to begin! It's almost like a fear, probably similar to "writer's block" I would think. Anyone else ever feel that way and how do you get past that?

Would love some more comments, anyone? HELLO? :)