Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Black Gold

I stopped by one of my favorite places today while in town; BORDERS. I love Borders and I love the coffee there, although I am strictly a decaf girl now. What I especially love about them is they are being more "environmentally aware; they bag their coffee grounds and give them away to excited gardeners like myself, it's like black gold, I'm sure the young college students that work there for summer break, don't quiet understand how someone can get excited about coffee grounds. I was so excited that I took all three bags that were sitting in the pretty fireman's red can in front of the coffee house. My husband, bless him, rolled his eyes but patiently helped me bring the three soggy wet bags to the truck.

So next time you head to your Borders or Starbucks, ask if they save their coffee grounds, if they don't perhaps they will start.

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