Thursday, August 09, 2007

Front Porches and Hummingbird Moths.....

Since I have rediscovered blogspot and have been introduced to TypePad I feel like I'm 12 again, the butterflies of excitement in my stomach are there when I visit so many beautiful blogs that take me to so many more beautiful blogs filled with beautiful pictures, places and things that I am completely enchanted with.

There are so many other woman out there that are in love with the same things that I am, many times I am reading their entries and thinking wow that could be me writing that or is there a camera in my kitchen? The Internet is a wonderful thing; it's like the front porch I remember of my youth, in the evenings or weekends you would walk down the street and your neighbors, usually the elderly ones, would be on their porches and you would stop and pay them a visit have a glass of ice tea or lemonade and talk about recipes, gardens and yes even the other neighbors. (hehe)

While visiting Kathy's Cottage porch today she had these great pictures of a hummingbird moth; beautiful little things they are. It reminded me that I had taken pictures last year of a hummingbird moth and it was on the same kind of flower, almost the same color. So similar our pictures are. I never would have know if I hadn't took that stroll down the street and paid a visit to her porch. :)



Penny Carlson said...

It's funny, I just said to my husband last night, I can't believe how many women are out there that think like I do, love to decorate, love to be artistic, love to go to thrift, flea market, auctions, etc. I wish everyone lived in my neighborhood! It is amazing how many wonderful people, I have met on line, since I started my website for my mosaics, and my blog.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Overwhelming! I have prayed for a local friend for years as there doesn't seem to be anybody interested in the things I am, etc. My friends here are in their 70's! And I'm raising children...anyway...loads of friends all over the world now and I am so happy about it!!!

sa said...