Monday, August 13, 2007

12 OF 12

Every month I participate in a project that is the brain child of fellow blogger; Chad Darnell. It's called 12 of 12, very simple you take 12 pictures of a day in your life on the 12th day of each month. It's probably one of the most fun things I do and I look forward to the 12th of each month. I was ready to post them last night but I was having technical difficulties and had to wait until this morning.

Of course because I am working on the house a lot of my pictures are centered around that.

First picture; early am ohhh around 6:30 scraping wallpaper......just a word of advice : make sure you put a bra on before you start scraping. ;)

The angle from where I was located much of the day; on my belly painting the baseboard around the kitchen, the taping was the most tedious part. I will be so glad to say goodbye to those dark stained, stenciled cabinets.Taking a break: "There's no place like home" ;)

A little later; a nice snack of cucumbers and dressing with just a touch of sea salt, mmmm my mouth is watering right now.

Coffee in a great Polish pottery cup I found at a garage sale, on top of books that I am browsing through for ideas.After all that scraping I uncovered this little piece of wall. Vinegar and water is my friend.My neighbor came to my door bearing gifts and wondering what all the noise was in the house, I told him I was "re-doing" my kitchen. He thinks I'm crazy because I'm always doing some project. He brought over fresh summer squash, tomatoes and cucumbers *dang it! Where was he earlier?*

These words I have on my refrigerator so I remember to be positive everydayI went out to check on my beehive, the girls are hard at work. The smell of honey is thick in the air and it's time for me to extract some very soon.

Coming back in from checking on them I had to stop and take of picture of my dahlias, they look beautiful this year.

The morning glory I started from seed are finally starting to take off. They are growing right up the window sill, I love the white ones and I love how tight they curl up before they open in the morning.

Finally siting down to relax a bit in the evening, this is a little spot I have in the corner of the living room. I like lots of "stuff" especially on the walls....does it show?

There they are. I hope you enjoyed my 12 of 12 and if you would like to participate go check out Chad's blog, it's pretty cool


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! :)

TuxBaby said...

Pics are great- even the second time around! ;)


Scooter said...

Wow, great pix. I tried removing wallpaper once. It didn't go well...but then again I didn't try wearing a bra. Maybe next time...

Penny Carlson said...

What a wonderful idea! It was great seeing how you spent your day. As anyone who has stripped wallpaper knows - it is not fun!!

Wow bees, very cool! I bet the honey is to die for!

Sweet Remembrance said...

What a great all your photos!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Ooo... I love the 12 of 12 idea. I think I may have to do that today (a little late, I know, but it sounds so fun!). I jumped over from Lavender Hill - had to say Hi. Blessings... Polly

jbrealtor said...


Just found your blog. I am a native Vermonter ( South Burlington) living in Massachusetts. I never miss a chance to tell people I am from Vermont.


Susan Tuttle said...

12 of 12 is such a great idea! I really like your photo of the bees--incredible! Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog--I greatly appreciate it!

Beautiful blog!



love this project, your pics are great! such a clever gal.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I need to peel off my kitchen wallpaper! I guess I'd better go get some cucumbers...

Wanda said...

I found you from Lavender Hill, too and can identify with so much of what you're doing. We've been in a remodel for exactly one year now, so I'm enjoying reading about yours.

That 12 of 12 is a cool idea. Hmmm....I might could manage a 2 of 2.... said...

Hey Michelle,

Love your pics... thanks for visiting my site! and blog The surprise is finally up...check it out when you get the chance..sounds like you have too much fun... I would love to have a nice farmshouse one day... lots of land... thats my goal...thanks for the inspiration


Anonymous said...