Saturday, June 13, 2009

12 of 12

That time again, at least I'm getting in here to post my 12's. Thanks to everyone for the helpful hints on making the photo uploading process less of a headache.

In case you're new to 12's it is the brainchild of Chad Darnell (click on his name and it will take you to his blog) It's a photo diary of a day in your life. 12 photos on the 12Th of each month. Check out his blog and you can see 12's from around the World.

Again, mine are a bit heavy on the gardening, but tis the season! :)

6:00 am: Me and Ethan's new SIGG water bottles.

6:10 Daddy leaving for work, Ethan looks sleepy

10:08: I started my workout at 5:00 but Ethan woke up just as I was starting so it was postponed.

12:30: A peek mid-day in the garden, it was a bit bright so I decided to go back later

5:30: Dinner time! Made a clean eating taco salad. Ethan is eating the ground turkey with tomato sauce and garlic, he loved it!

6:10: Winston chillaxin in his crate. He's got kidney stones again so he isn't feeling well. :(

7:10: Garden shots; Salvia with Iris in the background.

7:13: Stock is in bloom! I love the way these smell. The plates I collect and instead of them sitting around taking up room I've been lining the walkway with them.

7:17: My birdbath, the frog was a gift from my co-workers when I left.

7:20: First Lupine blooming, I love these flowers! I can't wait until this area is covered with them. Next year should be good.

7:25: the front walkway to porch. Everything is so huge now I'm probably going to have to move this in the next year or two.
Well there you go! Another month of 12's. thanks for stopping in to take a peek.


Scooter said...

What beautiful spring photos! I so love's wonderful to see everything blooming.

Sorry to hear Winston's ailing. Kidney stones...OUCH! Poor puppy. :(

Suzanne said...

Always love your photos Michelle and the gardens are heavenly.


Dogeared said...

I hope Winston's better again soon! And yay for nice smelling flowers - the benefit of a nice garden!

khowaga said...

I LOVE your garden. Can you come by and take care of mine? Please?

Nice that you're teaching Ethan the virtues of garlic from a young age. There's no such thing as too much garlic!

I hope Winston feels better soon. There's nothing worse than a sick doggie :(

Nice 12!

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