Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12

Sadly I have not been posting my 12 of 12's here the last few months. I have done them, I just find it difficult to download the pictures and get them in blog format quickly.

If this is your first time visiting my blog and are wondering what "12 of 12" is, check out the creator Chad Darnell's blog read the rules and check out some of the other blogger from around the World doing it.

This month, since it's the beginning of gardening season, my 12's have a garden theme.

I was accepted into the Penn State Master Gardener's program, today was my first day so here's my cooler of Clean Eating food for the day:

On my way out the door I realized my porch is still in disarray because I had to sweep and wash it to get it ready for the summer. I'll have to put everything away tomorrow.
At class I receive my manual for the course, it's really thick!
Coming home I had to get a picture of the apple tree blossoms
It's early in the season but things are coming along nicely, I only have 3 tulips left thanks to the moles.
Heading around the corner to the meandering, shady, path .
The view when you turn the corner
Garden "junk" (my treasures)
View on the way back, things are coming along nice.
Lemon balm....smells SO good!
Addition this year, I've got put something in it.
Daddy took care of Ethan all day, or what I call "bad habit day" I came home to this; pajamas still on (backwards I might add), dirty and messy. Oh well, they had fun!

Thanks for checking out my 12's this month!


wunderschoenbunt said...

thanks for sharing your 12 of 12. i like your garden, it looks so enthralled.

greetings from germany!

Chris said...

I love your garden. I'm really good at growing weeds. That counts for something, right?

And that seems like typical "dad's in charge" to me!!

Back Through Time said...

Great 12 of 12!
hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Sunny Archibald said...

I'm going to have to Google "Clean Eating." You have a lovely garden.

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, if you click on "Clean Eating" it will take you directly to the website. :) Also Chad Darnell and Penn State are linked.

TJ said...

Nice photos, I loved the apple blossom photo. Thanks for sharing...

Zippy said...

The garden is awesome!

Hibe said...

Great looking garden. Looks like a lot of work. Between the hosta, and Bleeding Heart, it's looks like you have a lot of shade. Good luck with the Master Gardener program. Never really understood what was involved with that though?

Scooter said...

What an amazing spring day!!! Spring brings so much hope. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us.

Dogeared said...

I like the different areas of your garden - neat, slightly wild, and then treasures dotted around. And heh, Bad habits day...

After fighting with Blogger for months with 12 of 12s and Blogger's own photo uploading tool, I worked out a MUCH easier way.

First off - install Firefox and use that for Blog posting instead of Internet Explorer. Then, upload all your 12 of 12 photos to Photobucket (accounts are free).

Then open a new post as normal. Type what you want, hit enter twice (to give you a spacer line between the text and the photo), then go to the Photobucket window. Hover the mouse below the right photo and copy the URL (the "Blog" one, think it's the bottom of the 3 listed). Go back to Blogger, paste the code, hit enter twice (to give a spacer line between the photo and the next text).

Repeat for all the photos.

Now - just highlight the code and click the "centre" button. Another useful thing is to alter the width of the photo. Almost at the end of the code, add width="500". So it goes from:


to blahblah width="500"][/a]

But <> instead of []

You'll have to experiment with the width amounts (and remember that they'll be different for portrait or landscape orientation). It depends on how wide your Blog main column is (this can be tweaked in your Blog template).

If you go looking at the template though, save a copy of it first!

Hope this helps!

Sorry I'm late - a mix of busy, work and being away (even my own 12 was late going up!)

Helen (Dogeared)

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your garden is lovely and so is your porch and furniture X

NeereAnDear said...

So glad to see you are back... have missed you...

As for that little darling..... he is so precious ...and how he has grown... HOORAY FOR HAVING FUN!!!

CONGRATS on being accepted to Penn States Master Gardening class