Monday, July 30, 2007

I've returned

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I have been away far too long and I had almost completely forgotten about this blog when one day, while at work, it popped into my head. I searched around and found it. Lots of changes to blog spot, but the access is much easier.

I went through and deleted some posts I had here, simply because I am choosing to concentrate on the positive and my art only. There was too much negative energy and outside issues discussed.

SO starting fresh, new focus......

I spent yesterday attending a Open Studio Tour of artists in my community, it was very enjoyable and really inspiring. I chatted with many of the artists and was able to "bend their ear" on how they get inspired and find the time to work even if they have other employment. I came away with some great ideas; the one I think that will work for me is

pick one evening a week to devote to your work

I had been pressuring myself to work every night and it was overwhelming me, so I did nothing. I believe this will work for me as I shake the dust off.

I have been having fun with my camera this summer, taking lots of shots....the key word is LOTS and out of those come a few good ones...the keepers. :) Thought I'd spruce up the place with some.

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