Friday, February 12, 2010

12 OF 12

Certainly has been quite awhile since i have been here. I have been doing Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 but I have become so busy that I have been neglecting sharing them. This month I decided I would jump back in and post. I think this is my third year of doing the 12 of 12 and I always look forward to it.

We just had a snowstorm, which left us with a good dumping of 8-10 inches. It was such a beautiful day we decided to take Ethan out to play in it.

Ethan doing his Yetti walk.
The back of our house from out near the bee garden.

Little Ethan footprints.

Hubbs was shoveling off the deck and I thought it would be cool to lay on the ground and get a picture of the snow flying through the air. Almost looks like a cloud.

Another action shot. Look how BLUE that sky is, so pretty!

Side garden

Fairy face on the arbor

One of my birdhouses in the apple tree.

This house is having some renovations done.

The birds love these berries.

LOOK! It's Marie Antoinette frog!

After we came in I baked some Tosca Reno "Clean Eating" oatmeal raisin cookies for a function this weekend.

It's always so fun to do 12 of 12. Thanks for stopping by and checking mine out.


beth said...

Great pictures! How'd the cookies turn out?

wunderschoenbunt said...

great snow pics and an wonderful blue sky, but i think it is time für spring :)...

FarmHouse Style said...

Marie Antoinette frog...Ha! That cracked me up:-)

Can't believe Ethan is walking!!!
Wow how time flies.

Good to see you back.

Chris said...

Those shots of the snow flying are great! Almost ... and I do mean *almost* ... makes me wish we had some snow. But I think I'm just as happy to look at everyone else's photos of it!

Lipp said...

I really love the flying snow too!

Jill said...

Your snow-covered world is a wonderland. These are great shots!

I laughed out loud when I saw your frog. tee hee.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dogeared said...

I loved the Marie Antoinette frog, cracked me up!

And I love the snow action shots too - great thinking!

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Caroline said...

It's nice to meet another fellow blogger! Will see you tomorrow at the meeting!

Caroline said...

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