Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm not sure how others out there in blogging land do it; manage to keep up with their daily life: family, work, hobbies, friends, blogging. If only my workplace would understand that work interferes with my art, decorating, blogging and FUN! :)

For some "porches" it seems effortless like Polly at Count Your Blessings, she home schools her children, sews, runs a eBay business, decorates (quite well I might add, she has a pink stove for Pete's sake!) and she manages to always introduce us to a lovely blog or product that is yet discovered! My hat's off to you Polly! :)

Then there's Penny at Lavender Hill Studio, how does one create such beautiful, intricate artwork such as hers and yet still have the time to visit so many blogs and make everyone, especially newbies like myself, feel so welcome in this community? My hat's off to you Penny! :)

Kim over at One Woman's Cottage Life , is redoing her ranch home into her cottage dream. She and her husband are tackling it themselves, that's it! Plus she has kids! and she's starting a new business venture. Oy vey! My hat's off to you Kim!

Jennifer (see I got her name right this time ) at Pear Street Studios , mother of three, owner of a beautiful graphic design business and again great blogging skills. My hat's off to you Jennifer!

The list could go on and on forever, so many talented women in this blogging community that I am admiring and taking lessons from. What are your secrets ladies? Do you have Mary Poppins nannies singing "a spoon full of sugar"? Do you have a wonderful spouse that does everything and lets you do your thing? Or did the "Clean House" crew just swing by before you took pictures of your beautiful homes? I gotta know! ;)

I have a feeling there is no secret trick is there, no Mary Poppins or Clean House Crew? I have a feeling it's a combination of great time management skills, drive and determination. Am I right?

My hat's off to you ladies!

p.s. but if you do have a trick please let me know, I promise I won't tell. ;)


Lilac said...

I'm in awe of those who can blog daily and keep up a regular life. I'm guessing that blogging (and the time it takes to do so....)helps keep you organized, focused and commited to your my hat is off to all of you....

Michelle...your blog is wonderful and so are you. :-)

Penny Carlson said...

Michelle! Thank you for saying such nice things about me! I have to admit, that my mosaics and my website are my full time job. I don't work outside of the home anymore. I have a husband of 28 years who works out of the house too. So, I have a little more "free" time than alot of people. BUT! I spend alot more time goofing off and blogging some days, than I do working on my mosaics! Thanks again!

Penny Carlson said...

And...Michelle, I love reading your blog!

Jennifer Froh said...

Michelle! Thank you for mentioning me! You're a doll and I love reading your blog! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! Hugs! Jen (and yes you got my name right... LOL!)

Counting Your Blessings said...

First, thank you, thank you for saying such nice things!! I'll admit that sometimes I feel stretched a bit thin but God always gives me what I need for that day. AND my house is wreck, the kids bathe in the pool and dinner is usually cereal. =) Blessings... Polly (ok, well the kids do get some baths and sometimes I cook but the house truly is a wreck!)

The Feathered Nest said...

I don't know how people do it either! Especially people that have business or work outside the home!


Flea Market Queen said...

Michelle...thanks for the visit!
Love your blog...
I think as women we don so many hats that we just do it! Some more than others but it always amazes me what we are capable of doing...

Becky said...

Hi Michelle! All of the ladies that you mentioned are inspirational to say the least! I do believe that we have to balance our priorities. And sometimes if it means leaving a room messy in order to get something done, then so be it. However, I have OCD and have to have things picked up otherwise my creativity bug gets distracted! Happy Weekend to you! Becky

Shelly @ thePINKbarn said...

I've just found your blog through countingyourblessings! Thanks for leading me to other great blogs as well by mentioning them in your post! I haven't even figured out how to search on here! ha ha It took me forever just to post my first blog! And I'm with you on finding time to do everything! I just told a friend yesterday that if I had 2 of every day, I think I might just be able to get everything done, ....but probably not! ha ha